Crowd of Clouds


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A while ago, I decided to replay Square’s old yet popular RPG, Final Fantasy VII, made possible by the wonderful people at Steam. This site follows my journey, and I will update it periodically with the latest instalments.

It’s sort of a walkthrough. I’m not planning to do every last thing in the game – just to complete it. However, I do intend to include most of the subquests and the more obvious secrets. Mostly, it’s a slightly sarcastic take on the story itself and taking great delight in fiddling while the world ends.

There will be monsters, and Chocobos, and materia, and if you’re very good, we’ll see about smashing the Weapons. Don’t know what any of this means? You’ll find out!

Oh, and just to ramp up the confusion, I’m naming all the party members Cloud. Expect some very odd dialogue.

So let us begin our descent into madness…

PART ONE – Midgar

In which we meet our Clouds, explore the city and cause a bit of trouble at Shinra HQ.

PART TWO – The Man In Black

Our heroes follow Sephiroth’s trail. But who is he, and what are his intentions?

PART THREE – The Cries Of The Planet

Our heroes get back on the trail, and learn some more about mako. One of our Clouds learns about his past, and two others start to doubt their own.

PART FOUR – Ancient Mysteries

What you pursue will be yours, but you will lose something dear.

PART FIVE – The Search For Cloud

Cloud, last of the Ancients, has wandered off by herself. Sephiroth is waiting for her. Can we find her before he does, especially when we keep getting distracted?

Requiesce In Pace

PART SIX – The Frozen Wastes

Sephiroth – if that’s really who we’re chasing – sets off across the frozen tundra. Cloud and his fellow Clouds set off in chilly pursuit. But what will they find waiting for them?

PART SEVEN – Waiting For The Apocalypse

Sephiroth has summoned Meteor. The world has a week, maybe two, before everyone dies. So naturally our heroes are going to take some time out and explore the world while it’s still there.

PART EIGHT – Huge Materia

Shinra have a plan to save the world. Our team of intrepid Clouds must do everything they can to stop them. I’m not sure they’ve thought this through.

PART NINE – Maybe We Can Still Save The Planet?

Meteor is coming, Sephiroth is sealed off somewhere and we’ve scuppered Shinra’s only plan to prevent the apocalypse. But Ancient Cloud was up to something – can we figure out what it was and save the world after all?

PART TEN – The End Is Nigh

Time is running out for the Clouds, and the world itself. Can they get to Sephiroth in time? Are they strong enough to handle him? And what cool stuff can we do along the way?

PART ELEVEN – The Final Battle

We can’t put it off any longer. It’s time to go visit Sephiroth and tell him what a naughty boy he’s been.


Because there was some stuff I couldn’t fit into the main run.


That’s it from Crowd of Clouds – thanks for reading!

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